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1476 East 222nd Street
Bronx, NY 10469
New Moving Vans

Design And Purchase Your New Kentucky Moving Van Body

We have been helping movers build custom moving van bodies for over 40 years. Because we only sell bodies for the moving and storage industry, we know the problems you face, and how to build a truck body that works to overcome those difficulties. By working with the industry’s leading chassis manufacturers, dealerships and leasing companies, we understand the chassis specifications that are needed to get the job done easily, while still providing long life and serviceability.

We stock a limited number of chassis and bodies, with our dealer partners, to provide quick and easy availability when needed. However, many of our customers come with a list of specific needs and wants, and we work to accommodate those desires the best way we know how. We look forward to working with you or your dealership to build you the best moving van body available anywhere.

New Moving Vans For Sale

The second listing should have in the description about com being a free service to the industry.

NEED TO SELL A USED MOVING VAN OR TRAILER? We still make available on the web, our industry wide used equipment list at This free service, compliments of Movers Supply House, puts sellers and buyers together giving used vans and trailers a new lease on life. Please give our free service a try!

Visit our website:
New Moving Vans | 1476 East 222nd Street Bronx, NY 10469 US | 718x-671x-1222
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