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Av. Abat Marcet, 43
Terrassa, 08225
Storage Exchange belongs to Wtransnet Group, founded in 1996 and leader in the development of freight exchanges and management systems for the logistics and transport industry.Present in 23 countries in Europe and South America, Wtransnet is the leading exchange in security with over 10,000 associates. was created in response to the need of the companies in the sector to find warehouses, constituted in 2008 as the first European Network of Warehouses. 

Today it is a leader in the storage and logistics services, assuming the values of quality, innovation and safety of Wtransnet. A commitment backed by the technological development and a quality Customer Service that make the unique directory specialized in logistics in Europe.


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Storage Exchange | Av. Abat Marcet, 43 Terrassa, 08225  Framce | +340937 367 405
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