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1310 Blue Oak Ct.
Pinole, CA 94564
Used Storage Vaults
Harley Hill at is your number one resource for buying and selling storage vaults.

We help moving and storage companies buy and sell used wooden storage vaults all over the country. The household goods storage vaults brokered are 5'x7'x7' (or similar) and Klimp together.

Vault prices are determined by quality of construction, age, and condition. We try and match buyers and sellers in close proximity in order to reduce transportation costs and transaction time. A database of buyers and sellers in all parts of the country is maintained. Our many years of facilitating transactions in the storage business is helpful to those who work with us.

You can call Harley directly at (510) 275-9708 or e-mail him at Please be sure to tell Harley that you found us through AMSA.

Harley has helped us buy storage vaults on multple occassions. His service and thoroughness are second to none. I highly recommend utilizing Harley's services in buying or selling vaults - he helps to completely eliminate the long and tedious process of sourcing vaults and gathering pertinent buying information for each transaction. A pleasure to work with.

Visit our website:
Used Storage Vaults | 1310 Blue Oak Ct. Pinole, CA 94564 US | 510x-275x-9708
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