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992 Hwy D
Sullivan, MO 63080
Modern Piano Moving
Modern Piano is a full-service, door to door, piano mover. 

Pianos can pose a challenge to household goods movers. They require specialized handling in order to prevent damage to their delicate inner workings. Customers can be particularly concerned about their care and therefore, drivers prefer to not deal with them. We would like to offer a solution to the piano problem. Modern Piano Moving would like to partner with your company as a third-party provider. By utilizing a dedicated piano mover, you can instill a sense of comfort for your customers. 

A few of the advantages of using Modern Piano Moving include :

  • Full-time office staff that works together
  • Climate Controlled Trucks, Trailers and Storage
  • Air-Ride Equipped with Rail-Lift Gates
  • Experienced Piano Movers with the necessary expertise and equipment
  • ATV, shuttle vehicle, e-track piano moving boards, custom dollies, etc.
  • Two-Man Teams on every piano move, working in sync, day after day
  • No outside parties - Modern Piano Moving handles 100% of the move
  • Affordable Valuation on every piano move, with no preconceived limits or deductible

Visit our website:
Modern Piano Moving | 992 Hwy D Sullivan, MO 63080 US | 800x-737x-5600
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