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5151 California Ave
Irvine, CA
HireRight DAC Trucking is a comprehensive solution for background and drug screening within the transportation industry. It is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of AMSA members, featuring terminology, processes and practices that are familiar to the moving and storage industry. Organizations that implement a screening program based upon HireRight DAC Trucking experience faster hiring, less administration and better results.

As the largest provider of driver screening and drug testing for the transportation industry, you can trust HireRight DAC Trucking for your safety, security and compliance needs. Since 1982, our comprehensive screening best practices have enabled transportation organizations to meet their compliance requirements, protect themselves from employee liability and maximize their return on screening investment. Organizations that choose HireRight DAC Trucking maintain regulatory compliance and ensure a safer workplace.

HireRight has partnered with the American Moving & Storage Association to offer discounted pricing for AMSA members. To learn more, click on the Get Started button below.
Visit our website: www.hireright.com/amsa
HireRight | 5151 California Ave Irvine, CA US | 866x-205x-6129
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