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1819 Underwood Blvd
Ste 6
Delran, NJ 08075
Executive Movers Service, Inc.  /  EMS
Why EMS?

Overview of Service Procedure

Placing your 3rd party service orders with EMS allows you to give your undivided attention to the move process and your transferee. Let us worry about the appliances, crates and fragile items that are important to your customer. This is what we do all day, every day. We know how to pick the right technicians for the job. We have strong relationships with our technicians and this helps us to Get The Job Done!

Once an "Order for Service” is received in our office, we proceed to coordinate the order with a "Service Provider” in that specific area of the country. Executive Movers Service will manage your 3rd party service orders from start to finish nationwide. Executive Movers Service, Inc. works as a partner with the Moving Industry providing the communication and professionalism that is necessary to satisfy, "our mutual customer”. This is our ultimate goal!

We offer the following:
  • Origin/Destination continuity (we’re responsible).
  • Fully insured.
  • All work guaranteed.
  • 24 hour emergency contact line linked to our management team
  • Full on site 3rd party service and crating nationwide.
  • Immediate confirmation email sent to the booking coordinator upon order submissions
  • Computerized invoices within 24 hours of job completion.
  • Introduction calls to every customer confirming our order from you for them.
  • Guaranteed pricing nationwide.
  • Service available in Canada.
  • Detailed reports showing all your company’s 3rd party activity with Executive Movers Service.
Let’s Get Personal 

Executive Movers Service is bringing service back to a business that’s all about people. We believe clients deserve personal attention. After all, you are the customer; and you could choose to do business with any third-party movers service you please.

So, how do we back up our "personal” claim? When you call EMS, you’ll find a live operator, a dedicated staff and a sincere willingness to please.

Let’s Get Down to Business 

Let us worry about appliances, crates and fragile items, so that you can focus on what’s most important to you… keeping your customers satisfied. From origin to destination, anywhere in the U.S., EMS will coordinate and manage a seamless transition. Our methodologies are meticulous, tried and true; we’re competitively priced, fully insured and our work is guaranteed.

Visit our website: www.ems3rdparty.com
Executive Movers Service, Inc. / EMS | 1819 Underwood Blvd Ste 6 Delran, NJ 08075 US | 800x-854x-6168
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