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5755 North Point Parkway
Suite 277
Alpharaetta, GA 30022
Aegis Insurance Services, Inc.
Aegis Insurance Services, Inc. was created with the purpose of providing the Moving & Storage industry with comprehensive and competitive insurance coverage. Our company was established in 1990 with offices located in Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas. As our name describes, AEGIS is the shield of Zeus, the Protector.

Aegis Insurance Services, Inc. provides ALL LINES OF COVERAGE, including true Moving & Storage Cargo, Workers Compensation, and Ocean Marine Cargo for International Shippers and Forwarders. 
We are proud to be members in good standing with the Independent Insurance Agents of America, the American Moving and Storage Association, and numerous State and Regional Associations.

Aegis Insurance Services is based on the ideology of integrity, trust and respect. We value our client relationships and are committed to providing personalized services. Our quality cannot be surpassed. Aegis Owners and Managers are former owners of Moving and Storage Companies. WE KNOW YOUR BUSINESS!!

Visit our website:
Aegis Insurance Services, Inc. | 5755 North Point Parkway Suite 277 Alpharaetta, GA 30022 US | 770x-360x-5565
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