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42 Lottie Way
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
Action Pet Express

Action Pet Express is a veteran-owned pet transport company that helps clients in relocating pets from one destination to another. We have an easy access to all domestic and international airlines.

 Our company really cares for all kinds of pets, so we make sure your four-legged companion reaches the target destination safely without straining your budget. Since 1969, we have been providing pet shipping and relocation services to our valued clients. If you wish to learn more about how we can help you, feel free to give us a phone call.


International Pet Animal Relocation

We are the MOST experienced (over 48 years in the industry; hands on pet travel thru out Europe with my own 2 dogs, this past March); and MUCH less costly, than ALL other pet shippers and movers!

We will SAVE you Mega Bucks with ALL your Pet Travel Requirements! Just ask us HOW! Total FREE Unlimited Consultations!

You NEVER want to engage an IPATA pet shipper in USA to make travel arrangements for your Pet(s) from a Foreign Country to USA. They MUST contact the same agents as you can, yourself, then they add fees of $2000 and often MORE.

Pet Travel Agency

We assist and advise regarding ALL paperwork (health and rabies certs, lab work when necessary, etc. We make ALL flight arrangements. We assist with ALL pickup and delivery services. We work with ALL Veterinarians, kennels, airlines, relocation services, moving companies, and anyone else involved in making this a safe and smooth pet shipping experience. We can also provide shipping kennels. We are a total and complete pet travel agency! We follow your pet's every step; bark and meow; from pre-planning to final delivery.

Saving Money Planning Your Next Pet Travel

Do NOT use a pet shipper in USA to arrange shipment FROM a foreign country TO USA. Will cost you at least $3000 to $5000 MORE than necessary! Would you NOT want to save hundreds, even thousands, of DOLLARS? Avoid IPATA 3rd party shippers!! Read on !!
Happy Tails of Tucson, AZ says they have fair prices. Do NOT believe! They are amongst the worst Rip Offs in the industry! Just look at their Consultation Fees.. OUTRAGEOUS! You do NOT need to pay these. You can do MUCH better, even if you do not call us!

Most Pets being shipped TO; FROM; or TRANSIT THRU: Greater WASHINGTON, D.C. by IPATA shippers are handled by the VERY Expensive CAPITAL Pet Movers!! They are the IPATA agent most often used here! You do NOT need to use this VERY expensive service. We can SAVE you couple thousand dollars at least in most cases!! At least get our quote!! Our charge for Customs Clearance is $100.. What are they quoting you? Be sure to get itemized statement of ALL charges!

We can SAVE you SO much money by having pets shipped to us at Dulles IAD, then further shipping your pets on: Lufthansa, Qatar Air, South African Air, or British Air. Just ask us!!

Veteran owned since 1969.

Cat & Dog, Pet Services

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Visit our website:
Action Pet Express | 42 Lottie Way Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 USA | 855x-704x-6682
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