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23910 N. 19th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85085
Abus Lock Company
Security Tech Germany
Our products stand for security worldwide. They offer people personal protection and security for their property. Whether at home, work or on the road - ABUS products are designed to give you the good feeling of security. ABUS offers solutions for every security problem. The ABUS Company conducts business in many countries with many lines of product.

Abus of North America
Established in 1975 as the United States importer of padlocks & other security devices. Abus of North America assumed all import and distribution responsibilities for Abus. Abus of North America's Corporate Headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Visit our website: www.abuslock.com/
Abus Lock Company | 23910 N. 19th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85085 USA | 623x-516x-9933
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